Cross My Heart Ministries
10 Year Anniversary Comments - 2012
Thank you Pat & Wayne Bodkin
for listening to God in establishing
Andrea McWhorter Ministries.

It is because of your obedience to Him
that so many lives have been touched and changed!
Pat, Andrea, & Wayne
A reminder that life is all about
His work in me,
all Glory to Him!
The love of the Father was enveloping -- revealing His heart towards me.  Conviction came that as my heart becomes 'wholly His', I, in return, will receive 'wholeness' in needed areas; in order to show forth His marvelous light.  The aroma of Christ's presence filled the room through Andrea's teaching, the worship songs led by Church Chix & Jean Prescott; as well as the sweet unity in our midst.
Thank you for refreshing my bruised heart and
reminding me how very important
to fill my heart with the love of our Lord!
Andrea, Your words from God's word inspire me to allow God to flow more in my life.
As always, Andrea's passion for the truth and for the glory of God ministered LIFE!
As always, it was such a blessing being in unity with other women; and spending the day hearing God's words through Andrea.  Her love for the Lord shines through her.
My heart is Christ's home...I was reminded to exam and expel whatever else resides there that will not allow Him complete residency....for out of the heart comes the issues of life.
Spending the day in the presence of God is a great way to start the new year!
A moment with Jesus
is a moment worth sharing!
The retreat touched me and my heart!  And truly taught me that unless the Lord truly does a work in my heart, its hard to live as a surrendered and trustworthy Life for Him!!  I walked away wanting to be changed from the inside.out!!  It was refreshing!
Thank you for stirring me up in the truth.  For reminding us of who we are in the Lord.  Standing in tough times.